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Skipper, the Silver Line Sailor

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Winter 2003 Newsletter
This premier issue of "silver lines" features an interview with former Silverline President Ray Stordahl! In it, Stordahl talks about the boat business and his twenty years at Silverline. In PDF format - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Don't already have Acrobat Reader?? GET IT! It's FREE!

Promotional Items
Promotional give-aways have always been an indispensable part of a company's marketing efforts. Silverline was no exception. Ashtrays, platters, buttons and more have been spotted at flea markets, eBay, etc. Check here for the latest finds. (Do you have any Silverline promotional items? Send me a picture and I'll add your items here!)

Silverline Made Clothing
After the merger with Arctic Enterprises in 1970, Silverline started making more products in their sewing department. Chief among these products were light jackets! So when you're checking out garage sales, thrift stores and eBay, look for the Moorhead label!

How a Silverline Boat is Born
Written around 1968 by retired Fargo/Moorhead newspaper columnist Stan Cowen for the Silverline employee newsletter called "Shop Suey," these articles and more were reproduced later in a booklet titled, "The Silverline Story." Follow a boat down the production line!

The Original Factory Still Stands
First constructed in 1960, with many additions afterward, the original Moorhead Plastics factory not only still stands but is still in use! Now the home of Moorhead Electric, 2419 12th Ave S, in Moorhead, MN looks much the same as it did over 40 years ago. The signage has changed, but little else.

Silverline after Moorhead
When Arctic Enterprises closed the Moorhead factory in 1980, it was not their intention to cease all production of Silverline boats. The Silverline name and reputation still had considerable value, and Arctic could ill afford to throw it away. So, what happened to Silverline Boats after the Moorhead plant was closed?

The Sailboats
So far, all we know about Silverline's sailboats is that they started making them in 1974 after purchasing plugs and molds from a Kansas City sailboat builder. No sales brochures have yet been found; we don't know how many models there were or how long they were made. Hopefully that will soon change. But for now, thanks to the submissions of interested sailboat owners, we offer this gallery of Silverline sailboats.