t h e   u n o f f i c i a l,   u n a u t h o r i z e d,

w e b s i t e

Skipper, the Silver Line Sailor

Promotional Items

While Silverline promotional items are fairly scarce, this puzzle-in-a-can is believed to be particularly rare. It was meant only for potential dealers, not the general boat-buying public, so production was very limited. All boats shown appear to be 1974 models.

This little candy dish measures 7x9 inches has artwork screen-printed on black translucent glass. I've seen two of these in the last four years (this is number two) and don't know much about it. Likely they were given to dealers at the annual conventions and may have been produced for more than just one year. From the design of the boat we know it's post-1970. If anybody knows more, please email me!