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Skipper, the Silver Line Sailor

Until now, there has not been a way for people interested in classic Silverline boats to locate and communicate with each other. Sure, you can always e-mail me, but I'm just one person and FAR from an authority on this subject. Now you can become a member of a FREE discussion group (mailing list) that serves only the interests of people who own, or just admire, classic Silverline boats!

Here's how it works:

To join the discussion group, simply send an e-mail (no subject or message is needed) to:
You'll be sent an e-mail from YahooGroups asking for confirmation that you really DO want to join this discussion group. Skip the first web-based option and just hit REPLY and SEND. You'll then receive a welcome message from me along with other instructions on how to post or unsubscribe.

Once you're a "member," you can send a message to all other members by sending an e-mail to:
When people respond to your post, all members will receive those messages as well.

To send pictures of your boat to the group, just include them as attachments in your email. Please try to keep attachments to 100k or less, though, as not everybody has a high-speed internet connection.

If you want to see ALL the previous messages as well as post to the group via the web, you'll need to get a free YahooGroups I.D. at the Classic Silverline group's homepage:

If you'd like to remove yourself from the group, all you have to do is send an e-mail (again, no subject or message is needed) to:
You'll be sent an e-mail from YahooGroups asking for confirmation that you really DO want to leave this discussion group. Just hit REPLY and SEND, and you'll be removed immediately.

Consider this:

If you're an owner, or just an admirer, of pre-1980 Silverline boats, PLEASE consider joining this group. I seriously doubt we are going to generate much traffic, but when somebody needs help or has information of benefit to everyone, I think you'll want to be here. You may find that others in your area share the same enthusiasm for these craft!

Also, when posting to the group, please stay on topic and be considerate of others and their time. Not everyone wants to hear the joke-of-the-day. E-mail attachments are allowed and photos of your boats are encouraged!

Questions? e-mail me!

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